Social Media Resources to Help You Reach Your Neighbors

NWer Marie Burrus recently published an article on “Social Media Resources to Help You Reach Your Neighbors.”  She writes …

In our busy, disconnected modern society, finding community is hard. Especially for the unchurched, it can be even more challenging. Many Millennials are using technology as their favorite tool to find social interaction, new friend groups and activities in which to participate. I recently had a conversation with an older friend who was having a hard time finding nonbelievers to talk to. She was blown away to hear about the many websites and apps I suggested for making connections with people in her area.

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Doubt Your Doubts

A couple of weeks ago I preached the last few verses of 2nd Peter and I mentioned the enduring need to doubt our doubts. I mentioned a couple of ways to do that, but I also wanted to make you aware of an article that I found super helpful in thinking about how to “doubt your doubts.” Give it a read! I hope it helps you “doubt your doubts” and “faith your faith.”
Noah Joyner

Help With Those Precious Promises

In our text for last Sunday (7/7/19) Peter urged us to embrace the precious and very great promises God has given to those who know Him (2 Peter 1.4). Here are two helps to aid you in trusting those promises:

Help With The “How”

This article by Prof. Zack Eswine gives a helpful structure for praying through one of God’s good promises.

Help With The “Where”

This book by pastor Tim Kerr is simply a compilation of the promises of God ordered around different topics like promises for those who suffer, for those who are anxious, to those who are humble, etc…


Pastor Larry

Getting Ready for 2 Peter!

This Sunday we start our sermon series in 2 Peter!  Here are 2 great resources to help you get ready for this study:

  1. Listen to the book as it is read to you! You can listen to the whole book of 2 Peter in less than 10 minutes! (My favorite listening version is the NIVUK). You can access multiple audio bibles for free here:
  2. Watch the Bible Project overview of the book – again, less than 10 minutes!