NW’s Roots!

This past Sunday, Oct 22nd, I spoke on the Protestant Reformation in our morning services. I recommended this resource to our congregation — “Freedom Movement” by Michael Reeves. It is a delightful, short, free read (as a pdf) that you can download from this site:

In addition, you might also want to check out these helpful resources on our Protestant roots as well:

These are little 5 minute videos on church history.  October has been focusing on Martin Luther:

And this is a very helpful summary of the 5 solas by Tim Chester:


The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

The month of October marks the 500th anniversary of a key event that effectively launched the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Catholic church in Wittenburg, Germany on October, 31, 1517.  If you’d like to meet some of the leaders of that movement and hear their stories (you can actually listen to these articles read aloud!), Desiring God ministries has put together 31 very brief biographies of key reformers who have shaped our faith and our world.
You can read (or listen) to them here:

Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?

With the latest tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas come many questions, some our own and some from our friends.  I ran across this helpful article by pastor and author Lee Strobel that may be of help to you or to those you are engaging who are trying to make sense out of such great sorrow in our world alongside the presence of a good God.

Be steadfast.  We are right to trust in the greater goodness of God even when the world seems to have gone mad all around us.

Ps. 23.4


Work, Calling, Coffee and Strategic Weirdness …

This blog post is about our own Kyle Ramage, who often runs sound at NW during the morning services, and who also won the national barista competition this year! The interviewer is Nathaniel Williams, a former NWer, who is the pastor of Cedar Rock Baptist Church near Louisburg and who also manages the SEBTS blog, the intersect project, about faith, work and culture.
Read Kyle’s story and  be encouraged about your work and calling!

Elder Update From Gene Woodall

The blog this week is from one of our elders, Gene Woodall.  Gene has been serving as an elder for several years now and is going to take a respite from actively serving as an elder for a season.  His encouraging, thoughtful, prayerful presence will be greatly missed by our team.  Your prayers for him and for all our elders are so greatly needed and appreciated!

Dear North Wakers,

Over the last several months, I have been praying about whether or not to stay active as an elder at NW.  After a season of prayer, I feel led that the time to go inactive for a season is now.

Please understand that I fully and wholeheartedly support the NW leadership and truly care for and love all of the elders and all of you. Serving as Elder at NW has been a significant highlight of my life and I am honored to serve in this role with such God-loving men. I have learned a great deal in how to love better, care better, and serve better.  It is time, however, for me to take this time for my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

I certainly plan to remain an active and involved member of NW and continue to serve as God leads. I do plan to continue to lead a NW small group. I am excited about what God is doing in our small group and I am anticipating a deeper walk with God as we go forward. I covet your prayers as I continue in this role.

It is challenging for me to pen this note as I love the fellowship of the elders and will truly miss that but also know it is time for me to follow through on this decision.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank the NW body for the ongoing love and support you give the elders. As an elder, I am amazed at the number of challenging issues that confront us. It has been a joy, however, to see how carefully and prayerfully the elders seek to provide comfort and instruction as they pursue God’s best in every situation. The elders shepherd the body tirelessly and need restoration from time to time. Your willingness to set aside time for the staff elders to take sabbaticals is wonderfully generous and very much needed. They need this time for physical and mental restoration and solitude with God. Please, please commit to praying for the elders. Pray for wisdom, effectual counsel, and for individual protection for all these men as they seek to shepherd well.

I appreciate your understanding and covet your prayers as I make this change.

Anchored in Christ,

Gene Woodall

Fig Monday: Forgiveness and Moving Mountains


In Sunday’s message (3/12/17) I alluded to a Lenten devotional on forgiveness that was very powerful.  You can read the whole devotional (poetry, art, scripture, video, devotion) here:

If you’d just like to watch the video from that devotional that I alluded to in the services on Amish Forgiveness.  Here it is:

And this is the article I mentioned by Pastor John Piper on the amazing promise of mountain-moving prayer in Mark 11.  I found his perspective very helpful: