How to Bridge any Conversation to the Gospel

“One of the most prevalent reasons that people who have been trained to share their faith fail to do so is that they are not quite sure how to bridge everyday conversations toward the gospel.”

As this idea likely resonates with many of us, take a few minutes to read what George Robinson has to say about bridging everyday conversations into gospel conversations.

Loving on Sunday!

This past Sunday (8/26/18) we explored 1 John 4 and the radical idea of coming to church on Sunday to love one another!  Here’s a helpful prompt along those lines from Ed Welch:

And here is the prayer that I prayed over us during communion.  I hope it prompts your own prayers to be more loving!

A Prayer of Edward Pusey (1800-1882)

Good Jesus, Fountain of Love,
Fill us with thy love.
Absorb us into thy love;
Compass us with thy love,
That we may see all things in the light of thy love,
Receive all things as the token of thy love,
Speak of all things in words breathing of thy love,
Win through thy love others for thy love,
Be kindled day by day with a new glow of thy love,
Until we be fitted to enter into thine everlasting love,
To adore thy love and love to adore thee, our God and all.
Even so come, O Lord Jesus.


1 John 4.19,

Larry Trotter

You Matter

I got this from one of our NW far flung ones recently. It’s worth a thoughtful read. Your engagement with our sent ones is vital. Do you and your family engage and support one of our missionaries? You really should. If you’d like more information on how you can do that or with whom, contact Rob at for more information.


Your Petitions are Desperately Needed

In Philippians 1 Paul is saying something notable, “Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your requests and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance.” I am still amazed that Paul the Apostle very clearly teaches that certain successes in his ministry are based on two variables.

  1. Your requests to the Father
  2. The help of the Spirit

Brothers and sisters please do not think that this newsletter is simply a casual nicety. Although I am thrilled to update my friends and family concerning my work I am not simply writing these newsletters as an friendly update. I am begging you along with Paul that you, “strive together with me in your requests to God on my behalf” so “that my service in this city may be acceptable.”

I do impossible work here. There is no natural way that I can raise the spiritually dead far less equip anyone else to do so (and in my second language). I am desperate for you to lift up the work here because I am desperate for the Son to come and work miracles in this city, mainly that of turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Please do not underestimate the power of your requests to the Father on my behalf.

I thank you for your faithfulness and your support in lifting my work here before the Father. I cannot express how humbled and grateful I am for you, for my comrades in the fight for the lost.

Please ask the Father to give you and the others who strive alongside of me wisdom and persistence in lifting up the work here.

With sincere hope and love,
That the lamb might receive his just reward,