Loving the Bible (Even the Poetry!)

Recently, I had the chance to participate in the “Wisdom Forum” on a Friday night at SEBTS.  It featured a handful of short 10 minute TED talks on a variety of topics centered about the theme of “The Good Life.”

Several of the talks seemed especially helpful to me and I wanted to pass several of the talks along to you for your encouragement.  (All of the talks were helpful and can be found at the Intersect website at the link below.)

Here’s one by Matt Mullins on loving the Bible (even the poetry parts!):

Matthew Mullins: Reading, Education and the Good Life



Praying Through the Month of Ramadan

May 16th – June 14th


For Christians, Ramadan is an opportunity for concentrated prayer on behalf of our Muslim neighbors. Seek God on behalf of the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.


To help you pray, there are some verses and prayer prompts for each day of Ramadan. Click HERE to begin.

Click HERE for another, more detailed prayer option that focuses on a different people/culture each day.


About That Holy War…

As we run into the topic of divine war or “holy war” in the book of Joshua,  here are 2 articles that I have found very helpful concerning the morality of God’s actions in waging war against the people of the land of Canaan.  This is a topic often raised by skeptics of our faith.  Hopefully these resources can help you help your friends with their concerns and questions:

No More Mr. Nice God? The Destruction of Jericho

This past Sunday (4/8/18), I (Carson) mentioned that I would post a couple of articles that deal with the difficult moral issues surrounding the Canaanite conquest.
First, here’s a link to a relatively brief article found in the Apologetics Study Bible by Mark Durie.
Second, if you are more into video-watching instead of article-reading, the Bible project video has a few helpful points regarding the destruction of Jericho. (And an article to boot in case you accidentally find yourself reading!)
And lastly, here’s a few thoughts of my own that might be helpful to you as we consider why God would have ordered the destruction of an entire group of people.

Forsaken And Cursed For Us…

On Sunday (3/11/18) we explored the significance of Jesus’ cry in Matt. 27, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  If you would like to read more about the forsakenness/cursedness of Jesus on our behalf on the cross, this link to a sermon by R.C. Sproul is a powerful and weighty exploration of those themes.
You can read it here:
Or you can watch it here:

Short Scripture Prayers

Over the years I have complied a list of short Scripture Prayers that are useful in my own praying.  You can easily write the ones you would like to use onto a 3X5 and carry them with you or you can pull them up on your phone or even commit them to memory!  They are good stimulus to praying God’s good and perfect will for our friends and family and for our own souls.


Short Prayers for Meditation